Late presentation, challenge to tackle cancer – Lakeshore boss


14517640_639887549513112_1245314274323370116_nSurgical Oncologist and Cancer Epidemiologist and Chief Executive Officer of the Lakeshore Cancer Center, Professor Chukwumere Nwogu said the greatest challenge facing cancer management in the country remains late presentation of patients.

Also, Nwogu said there is still a tremendous amount of stigma, fear and misinformation surrounding the disease, all of which hinder prevention and good management of the disease. In a statement to mark the World Cancer Day taking place on February 4, Nwogu said late presentation makes it extremely difficult to obtain good treatment results for cancer ailment. On the World Cancer Day, he said, “This is an extremely important day, when the entire world pauses to focus on the global scourge of cancer.” Read more>>

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